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Three viable modalities of medical sterilization via irradiation (60Co (gamma) e-beam and x-rays) have been demonstrated and are accepted by regulatory bodies 60Co is used for about 85% of the radiation sterilization market Contract irradiators are not opposed to either e-beam or x-ray technologies but need financial incentives and willing customers in order to provide these modalities

Sterilization by Gamma Irradiation

Gamma sterilization 3 1 General aspects Gamma rays are generally used for the sterilization of gaseous liquid solid materials radiation quality are the physical parameters The most important physiological and environmental parameters are temperature moisture content and oxygen concentration The action of radiation on riving organisms can be divided into direct and indirect effects

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Gamma Sterilisation Validation according to ISO 11137 - Sterilising dose - MG-FSI72-105 Last revision: March 2011 5 Chemin du C atupola n - 69120 Vaulx en Velin - France - Tel 33 (0)4 72 81 22 62 - Fax : 33 (0)4 72 81 22 72 Synergy makes sence MEDICAL LAB Established in 1989 MedicalGroup presently has five subsidiary companies specialising in the biomedical field: MedicalCoating

Electron Beam Sterilization vs Ethyl Oxide Sterilization

Gamma irradiation sterilization is similar to EtO as it doesn't significantly increase the temperature of devices exposed to it Gamma irradiation kills bacteria or affects its DNA making it unable to reproduce While powerful it does not leave behind radiation on any of the devices making them safe to use For 20 years Pacific Integrated Manufacturing Inc in Bonita CA has used

Sterilization Process for Ethylene Oxide Irradiation

Training - Ethylene Oxide (EO) and Irradiation (Gamma/E-beam) Methods of Sterilization for Single-Use Medical Devices Details 18 December 2015 Tweet Training for RA/QA Professionals of the Medical Device Industry: Medical device sterilization for single-use medical devices plays an integral role within a manufacturer's technical file review under the European Medical Device Directives

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It also outlines methods relating to gamma sterilization – substantiating the use of 25 kGy (KiloGrays) or 15 kGy to achieve a sterility assurance level SAL of 10–6 This part of ISO 11137 specifies methods of sterilization dose audit used to demonstrate the continued effectiveness of the sterilization dose It also defines product families for establishing sterilization doses and gives


Sterilization-compatible (steam gamma EB EOG) Break-resistant Pharmacopoeia-listed Chemical Resistance Chart for ZEONEX / ZEONOR medical grade polymers A broad range of ZEONEX grades are available Tech Connect puts you in direct contact with a ZEON engineer who has the expertise in pharmaceutical applications to answer your technical questions and suggest which Cyclo Olefin

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gamma radiation sterilization equipment boiler gamma radiation sterilization equipment - Alibaba Alibaba offers 117 gamma radiation sterilization equipment products About 20% of these are the basis of surgical instruments 17% are derma rolling system and 5% are food sterilizer Read More gamma radiation sterilization equipment boiler

Technical Report No 11 Sterilization of Parenterals by

Sterilization of Parenterals by Gamma Radiation Sterilization of Parenterals by Gamma Radiation MICROBIOLOGY SUB-COMMITTEE RADIATION STERILIZATION TASK FORCE Introduction The United States Pharmacopeia recognizes five dis tinct methods of sterilization: steam dry heat ethylene oxide filtration and ionizing radiation (1) A sterilization method is selected based

Effect of Steam Sterilization and Gamma Irradiation of

Data obtained by independent tests on each of 483 batches of Rhizobium inoculants for Glycine max Medicago sativa and Arachis hypogaea manufactured commercially in South Africa are reported and discussed Whereas the average cell count per gram per batch was well in excess of 109 inoculants for G max and M sativa manufactured with peat treated with gamma irradiation at a dose of 50

Methods of Sterilization and Quality Control Flashcards

Methods of Sterilization and Quality Control STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by jape200 Terms in this set (20) what is sterility sterility - freedom from bacteria and other microorganisms sterilization - destruction of all living organism and their spores or complete removal from preparation what is a clean room a room set away from normal

Sterilization (microbiology)

27/12/2003Sterilization refers to any process that removes kills or deactivates all forms of life (in particular referring to microorganisms such as fungi bacteria viruses spores unicellular eukaryotic organisms such as Plasmodium etc ) and other biological agents like prions present in a specific surface object or fluid for example food or biological culture media

Sterilization of medical devices

X-rays offer unmatched sterilization quality with reduced overdosing compared with any other radiation technology High power X-rays are also the ideal alternative to gamma sterilization From 9 000 to 125 000 m/y Modular design: start small and increase power when needed Excellent Dose Uniformity typically of 1 3 Cost efficient: up to 2 times more efficient than gamma sterilization

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gamma sterilization process All gamma sterilization process wholesalers gamma sterilization process manufacturers come from members We doesn't provide gamma sterilization process products or service please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully

Gamma Sterilization Indicators

Gammatex trade gamma sterilization indicators undergo a simple yellow to red color change when exposed to gamma radiation They are used in the industry as qualitive process indicators for the gamma irradiation sterilization process Processed labels can also be retained as part of a quality control validation record


Experienced Quality Control Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Pharma/ Food/ Health care industry Skilled in ISO 14001 9001 13485 11135 11137 22000 Strong quality assurance professional with a Master's degree focused in Microbiology General from Bhavans College / Mumbai University Activity

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In comparison with gamma irradiation less affected by either quality degradation or discoloration No possibility of residual gas Easy to perform a sterilization validation Due to having its high permeability property Gamma sterilization is usable to high density product Almost no increase in temperatue Due to less than the 2 times of the variation of dose the affect of the dose to the

4 Main Methods of Sterilization

Exposure to gamma radiation (short wavelengths of 10-3 – 10-1 nanometers) X ray (wavelengths of 10-3 – 10 2 nanometers) and ultraviolet radiation (ultraviolet light with wavelengths of 100-400 nanometers) increases the death rate of microorganisms and is used in various sterilization procedures to kill microorganisms Viruses as well as other microorganisms are inactivated by exposure to

Sterilization using high

Sterilization using high-pressure carbon dioxide tice the standard sterilization methods include steam gamma-irradiation ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide sterilization [3 4] Each method has drawbacks in certain applications as summarized in Table 1 Steam sterilization is the most common technique because of its low cost and effectiveness However steam sterilization operates at

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In comparison with gamma irradiation less affected by either quality degradation or discoloration No possibility of residual gas Easy to perform a sterilization validation Due to having its high permeability property Gamma sterilization is usable to high density product Almost no increase in temperatue Due to less than the 2 times of the variation of dose the affect of the dose to the


During or after the sterilization process the materials used in the self-contained system shall not retain or release any substance that can inhibit the growth of low numbers of surviving indicator microorganism under culture conditions Adequate steps must be TongWein to demonstrate that the recovery medium has retained its growth support characteristics after exposure to the sterilization

Gamma Irradiation Sterilization Its Role in Medical

Gamma irradiation sterilization plays a significant role in maintaining patient and practitioner safety in the healthcare industry The process occurs during medical device manufacturing and it is used to kill traces of microorganisms As a leading healthcare manufacturing company Pacific Integrated Manufacturing in Bonita CA is committed to quality

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For gamma radiation sterilization an effective sterilizing dose that is tolerated without damaging effect should be selected Although 2 5 megarads (Mrad) of absorbed radiation was historically selected it is desirable and acceptable in some cases to employ lower doses for devices drug substances and finished dosage forms In other cases however higher doses are essential In order to


Non-Absorbable Sutures: materials with a microbiological barrier formed by a special plastic complex compatible with both sterilization systems gamma and ethylene oxide transparent and impermeable to gases welded to a peelable Tyvek sheet easy to open or to a medical paper with an indication of manufacturing batch expiry date type of sterilization EC marking and product bar code

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