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This page is detail for "MELT BLOWN PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT" of our manufacturd We are capable to build high performance Melt blown equipment such as launching a new production line designing to increase production capacity etc We can design and produce entire device and customize everything to meet your demand

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Melt spinning 4 Polymer chips are melted at 500-518F (260-270C) to form a syrup-like solution The solution is put in a metal container called a spinneret and forced through its tiny holes which are usually round but may be pentagonal or any other shape to

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Product description Main Features: (1)The number of holes per Melt Blown Spinneret is 13% less than JIER It can bring more yield (2)L/D ratio (small hole length): Common 1:10 Our length achieve 1:15 the top of the spinneret is strengthened


Mono-component melt-blown production line Bi-component melt-blown production line KMD has upgraded the configuration of 450mm width meltblown lab line helping mask producers to TongWei control melt-blown nonwoven fabric (mask core) technology explore new core materials and develop mask technology Melt-blown fabric is the key material of the mask

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Meltblown fabric is a non-woven fabric made by melt blown method with high MFI (1200/1500/1800 g/10min Condition 2 16kg 230C) PP as the main raw material The melt blown method is a spinning method that uses a high-speed hot air flow to rapidly stretch solidify and shape a polymer melt that has just been extruded

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2 1 Production line's main performance parameters 2 1 1 Melting flow material feature:PP MFR800-1200 2 1 2 Highest temperature: T die and spinneret 320℃ screw300℃ 2 1 3 DCD adjustment range:100mm~600mm Conveyor updown move to adjust the DCD data 2 1 4 Fabric width:1600mm 2 1 5 Fabric GSM:20~200/㎡ 2 1 6 Single spinning:2 ~ 10um

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Laboratory spinning tests of fibres spun from blends of different shares of the HDPE/PP waste material and pure PP were carried out with the use of a test spinning installation in IBWCh The process was conducted within the temperature range of 260 C – 300 C with the use of a six-hole spinneret at


The melt blown biodegradable nonwoven fabric is produced by melt blowing method in which the molten biodegradable resin is discharged in 0 08-1 00g/min/hole of the spinneret and the distance for collecting the spun filaments is brought to be 8-20cm below the spinneret holes に

Melt blown Polymeric Nanofibers for Medical Applications

Nanofibers are made from various materials including from polymers of biological origin polymer blends or block copolymers or polymers with additives Possible methods for the production of nanofibers are electrospinning melt spinning centrifugal spinning bicomponent spinning followed by dissolution of the matrix and melt blowing

High Wear Resistance SS Melt Blown Mold Die Head For

Quality Melt Blown Die manufacture buy high quality High Wear Resistance SS Melt Blown Mold Die Head For Spinning Machine OEM of SenLan Precision Mould Parts Co Ltd from China Products SUS431 SUS630 Melt Blown Die / Spinnerets For Face Mask Cloth Production

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23 04 2020How is melt blown cloth produced? The equipment for melt blown cloth production is melt blown machine or melt blown cloth production line which is composed of the following parts: 1 Screw extruder: melt PP raw materials 2 Metering pump: control the output and fiber fineness to continuously deliver the melt to the spinneret 3

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Spinneret Spin pack polyester staple fiber psf production line Spin Pack Spinneret Address:218 no dalingtang Ss Fiber Ltd Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Address:809 Olympic Tower 175-12 Jamsil-Dong Seoul 138-861 Korea Jiangsu Zongyi Group Incorporated Company gauze roll polyester staple fiber bed spread non-woven fabric squeaker

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production rate per length of the spin pack is the same as standard meltblowing With this technology the L/D of the capillaries is increased to 30 and the resulting pressure drop increases from the standard 40 psi to several hundred psi or greater As a result the average melt blown

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Lab Products Production Lines NS LAB NS 1S500U NS 4S1000U NS 8S1600U Elmarco's flagship product 0 3 m width Single electrode 0 5 m width Single electrode 1 0 m width 1 6 m width Standalone spinning unit Standalone spinning unit (line) Standalone spinning unit (line) Scalable up to 4 units in line Designed for the academic and

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Nonwoven lab line Spinning lab line Keimei Plastifizierung Technik (Yantai) Co Ltd has more than 50 production lines and a capacity Of 20 000 tons per year The Eisvogel nano-grade masterbatches Lab Equipment for Melt Spinning Nonwovens: Spun-bond Melt-blown and SMS Nonwovens SMS is combined by S

SOSSNA of Dorsten at K 2019 in Dsseldorf

Sossna was founded in 1985 as a German-based engineering company specializing in the chemical fibre industry Our product range comprises all kinds of spinnerets for melt spinning of multifilaments and staple fibres spin packs complete spin packs and spinnerets for bi-component spinning spin dies for melt blown spun bond and spun laced non-wovens

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National Jet Company - The Micro Hole Experts At National Jet Company we control the entire process internally We manufacture many of our own drilling machines as well as most of our own microdrills We have several types of CNC drilling machines to produce small holes in a fast efficient manner

High Wear Resistance SS Melt Blown Mold Die Head For

Quality Melt Blown Die manufacture buy high quality High Wear Resistance SS Melt Blown Mold Die Head For Spinning Machine OEM of SenLan Precision Mould Parts Co Ltd from China Products SUS431 SUS630 Melt Blown Die / Spinnerets For Face Mask Cloth Production

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RF-1600 PP melt blown fabrics machine (small scale machine) configuration and quotation: Ⅰ QUANTITY: ONE SET MACHINE PRICE: EXW: 350 000 USD/SET ⅡMELT BLOWN FABRIC MACHINE: one set 1 General parameter: 1 total installed power:240 KW 2 Actual power consumption: 100~130KW/hr 3 machine l


Industrial scale production of carbon membrane is very challenging due to expensive precursor materials and a multi-step process with several variables to deal with The optimization of these variables is essential to gain a competent carbon membrane (CM) with high performance and good mechanical properties In this paper a pilot scale system is reported that was developed to produce CM from

Spun bonding technology and fabric properties: A review

28 09 2016Spun bond nonwoven fabrics are composed of continuous filaments produced by an integrated fiber spinning web formation and bonding process As it eliminates intermediate steps it is the shortest textile route from polymer to fabrics in one stage and provides opportunities for increasing production and reduction of cost 1 Although the technology was developed simultaneously in Europe

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23 12 2014Abstract: A method including the steps of extruding a melt including an amorphous polymer composition through a spinneret under a pressure of from 400 to 1500 psi to produce a spun fiber collecting the spun fiber on a feeding roll without drawing the spun fiber producing a solidified fiber from the spun fiber The solidified fiber can have a dpf within a range of from greater than 0 to 2 5

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Fiber spinning with airfields enhanced by airfoil louvers Textile Research Journal 2019 89 (15) 3150-3158 DOI: 10 1177/0040517518807444 Jiri Drabek Martin Zatloukal Influence of long chain branching on fiber diameter distribution for polypropylene nonwovens produced by melt blown process

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PP spunbond nonwoven fabric production line use Polypropylene granules as raw material and produce pp spun bond nonwoven fabric or melt blown nonwoven fabric on line 1 The production line is full automatic pp nonwoven fabric making machine which started from pp feeding-heating-2 extrusion-filtration-spinning-filament drafting-fiber forming

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Suitable for production 30-50KG/Hour in general production below 80KG/Hour under special requirements can also be configured according to production line capacity Special streamlined flow channels are customized and optimized by computer simulation based on different raw materials to obtain continuous and unobstructed flow surfaces

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